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  • January and resolutions

    Posted by Dana Bohon on 1/11/2019

    Happy January!

    January usually gets a bad rap.  It is cold. Period.  These really cold days give us an opportunity to snuggle up with a blanket and a good book.  I'm currently reading Tangerine, a novel by Christine Mangan.  It is a mystery novel and the setting is in Tangier, Spain.  I am hoping to finish the book this weekend and enjoy the arrival of a significant amount of snow coming our way. 

    One of my resolutions is spending less time on electronics.  I'm not a gamer, but I do get lost watching Facebook videos, Instagram pictures and sometimes I spend a few minutes, - haha - on Pinterest looking at old buildings, especially old libraries.   And of course, there are the crafting ideas that haven't happened yet. 

    So for this my initial blog, I will pass on the technology links and awesome new websites, and encourage you to pick up a book and decide for yourself if it indeed was a good book.

    With January joy, 

    Ms. Bohon 


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  • May I use the printer or make copies?

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    You may print to the HS-C117-Library-Copier.  Color printing must be done in the principals' office with permission from staff.  Please be responsible and print only what is needed.  You can highlight what you want to print and choose print, selection.  Or transfer information to a WORD or Google document and print. You can also save resources on your Google Drive and review them later.  Remember to use Google Chrome browser with Google Docs, Sheets and other Google products. Remember to use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl C and Ctrl V for copy and paste. 

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  • May I come to the library during seminar?

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    You must obtain a travel pass from the teacher whom you have work for PRIOR to your seminar class.  Your seminar teacher will then approve your pass and you may come to the library to work on projects and homework. Signing in at the sign in desk is always required when entering the library. 

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  • May I come to the library during lunch?

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    You must go to lunch during lunch periods.

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  • How long my I check out a book?

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    We have a two week checkout period. If you need more time to read your book, we can renew your book for you. 

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  • How many books can I check out?

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    3 books at a time.

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