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Prepcasts brings S-C games home for fans

Prepcasts is helping to meet the demands of Smith-Cotton fans by live streaming more S-C games this year. With the current situation with COVID-19, more fans are able to keep up with athletics for free.

Prepcasts is a streaming organization based out of St. Louis with multiple teams across Missouri. Charlie Brown started the company 15 years ago as an audio alternative through the radio to get games out to fans. About four years ago, Prepcasts decided to add the video component. 

“It's specifically aimed at parents, grandparents, family members that live away from the town that the game is taking place in,” said Brown. 

Brown is the owner affiliate of Prepcasts Central Missouri, which covers games for Smith-Cotton, Warrensburg, and Boonville. They also occasionally cover games for Sweet Springs, Crest Ridge and a few other teams in the area.

As long as an internet connection is accessible, they use a laptop, mixer, tripods and cameras to stream all information to Louisville, Ky., where the sound and video sync up and then it comes back so the sound and video are on track. Then it goes out across the internet and that is how people are able to log on and watch.  

It is free both for the school to have Prepcasts streaming their athletics, and it's also free for those who are watching. Local businesses pay to have advertisements during the games and that covers the cost.  

“We don't have to pay a dime for it,” said S-C Athletic director Rob Davis. 

Smith-Cotton was the first school that Brown started covering. He approached Davis, who was waiting for Brown to tell him how much it was going to cost the school to have their games streamed. Davis was surprised when the answer was free.  

Prepcasts started covering limited games, around 30 games a year. With the current pandemic, they plan to cover more games than that this fall alone. Brown is estimating Prepcasts will cover close to 70 Smith-Cotten events this season. 

“It keeps the community involved,” said Davis, referring to limited spectators being able to attend events.  

Prepcasts has gained viewers this year streaming more S-C sports. A normal amount of viewers right now would be about 40,000 and in just two weeks of games they have surpassed 80,000 across Prepcasts Central Missouri. More than 3,000 households tuned in to watch the first S-C football game of the season. 

Prepcasts has had nothing but positive feedback from viewers, including S-C boys swimming families. COVID-19 restrictions mean no fans can attend swim meets.

“They’re just glad that they have the opportunity to watch the meet,” said swim coach Michelle Steger.