Required immunizations for 8th, 12th graders

Just a reminder to all parents of upcoming 8th and 12th grade students:  They must be up-to-date on their immunizations before school starts or it will delay their first of day of school.  Missouri law requires all 8th graders provide proof of a Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) 1 dose and MCV (meningococcal) 1 dose.  All 12th graders need to provide proof of 2 doses of MCV (meningococcal), unless the first dose was administered on or after the date when the student reached 16 years of age.  If you have any questions about your student's immunizations status, please contact your student's health care provider or your student’s school nurse. 

SCJH Nurse Laura Beth Fisher, LPN
SCHS Nurse Michelle Muths, LPN 

Thank you,
Casey Smith, RN
Nurse Health Coordinator