Fire alarm work at SCJH

We want to make you aware that Nightwatch Security will be repairing the fire alarm system starting this week at the Smith-Cotton Junior High campus (SCJH).

Over the first few days of school, we experienced intermittent false alarms, indicating issues within the system that had not surfaced before. Security Officer Rodney Collins is our fire watch designee and is patrolling every area of the building on scheduled rotations until we are certain the system is working properly. SCJH staff are aware of the repairs and will notify Officer Collins immediately if any suspicious fire activity is noticed. The Sedalia Fire Department is working closely with us as we address this situation.

The safety and security of students and staff members is our primary concern, so this matter is being addressed with great urgency. Thank you for your patience during the repair period; we will post a follow-up message when the system is repaired.