Smith-Cotton Lady Tigers Soccer



    Monday February 26 - March 2


    You must have an up to date Athletic/Physical packet turned in and approved by the Athletic Department. No player will be allowed to tryout without clearance from the Athletic Department. Athletic packets can be found in the athletics office or on the Athletic Director's page on the Sedalia 200 website. Please take the time to check for all the necessary signatures on the athletic form

     Equipment required

    Every day at training you must have:

    • shin guards
    • cleats or turf shoes
    • tennis shoes
    • appropriate clothing

    Spring season can have unpredictable weather. Be sure you always have tennis shoes in your bag in case we go inside and sweatshirt/pants in case it gets cold or rainy.

     Activity bus - #71-1

    Activity bus will run after school to drop of students at location of practice. Bus is for students who do not drive and can’t ride with upperclassmen.


    Players will be rated on a daily basis on a competitive cauldron chart. Not participating in practice will put a player on the bottom of the chart for the day. It is also up to the player to get with the coaches on anything covered in missed practices.

     Fitness tests

    These tests will be done the week of tryouts, mid season, and end of season. They are in place to assess your physical ability and your mental toughness.


    1. Mile run - 8 minutes or under; players ranked on time.
    2. Beep test - Upon hearing each beep, players must run between two sets of cones 22 yards apart. The beeps come faster at each level. Players will be ranked and scored on amount of “touches” completed.
    3. 120’s test - Full length of the field sprint in under 22 seconds with 1 minute to get back and rest. Goal is to complete all 5. You will be scored and ranked on how many you make across and back for a total of 10 points.
    4. Push-ups - max in 1 minute; players ranked on amount completed.
    5. Sit-ups - max in 1 minute; players ranked on amount completed.

     Competitive Cauldron

    Every day at practice, your performance will be measured and recorded. Things that will be measured will range from character traits and core values to fundamental soccer drills to endurance and fitness tests and will be posted daily in the GroupMe app/email. We will give you more information about this on the first day of tryouts, but the important thing to remember is all of the items you will be tested on will be dependent on your attitude and work ethic. This will be a great tool for coaches and players to measure progress throughout the season.


    Majority of our communication about practice/game changes will be made through the GroupMe app on smart phones. If you do not have ability to have this app, please let me know and I will make a text group or email group.

    After tryout week, we will have an additional player and parent meeting (time and place TBD) to share important information pertaining to the upcoming season. Any questions can be directed towards Coach Brick.


    We are looking forward to a great season!


    • Coach Brick
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