Sedalia #200 Breakfast & Lunch Menus

  • This school year, we will have different menus for Elementary and Secondary lunches. Breakfast will be the same for all Grades. Menus are subject to change based on food item availability.




    Grades Pre-K through 5 Student: Free
    Grades 6 through 12 Student: $1.35
    Adult: $1.35


    Elementary Student: $2.25
    Secondary Student: $2.40
    Adult: $3.00


    Breakfast Breakfast Menu


    Lunch Lunch Menu - Elementaries, SMS & Loftus


    Lunch Menu - SCJH, SCHS, Whittier





Menu Glossary

  • Breakfast Menu Items

    Breakfast Street Taco: Egg Patty with cheese, served with salsa.

    Apple Pie Overnight Oats: Quick oats, vanilla yogurt, milk, applesauce mixed together, chilled overnight, served in a cup.

    Peaches and Cream Overnight Oats: Quick oats, vanilla yogurt, milk, peaches, mixed together chilled overnight, served in a cup.


    Lunch Menu Items

    Cheeseburger Wedges: Sloppy Joe mix, cheddar cheese sauce, served over potato wedges.

    Thunder Crunch Fries: Skin-off coated fries with extra crunchy batter.

    Lime Mixed Fruit: mixed fruit mixed with lime jello.

    Chicken Melt: Chicken breast patty, tomato slice, mozzarella cheese, Italian dressing served toasted on two slices of bread.

    Rice Pilaf: Rice seasoning with chicken flavor and spices.

    Beef Walking Taco: Taco meat, lettuce, and cheese served over Dorito chips.

    Santa Fe Vegetables: Colorful blend of corn, broccoli, black beans and red peppers.

    Mud Bar: Decadent chocolate chip cookie bar.

    Orange Smiles: Oranges cut into sections.

    Strawberry Apples: Fresh apple cut in half, dipped in strawberry jello.

    Spanish Rice: Rice flavored with onions, peppers, and garlic.

    Flame Roasted Vegetables: Colorful blend of flame: roasted corn, onions, red and green peppers with black beans and tomatoes.

    Monster Bar: Chocolate chip cookie dough base with “monster” candy covered chocolates cut into bars.

    Cheeseburger Meal: Macaroni noodles, cheddar cheese sauce mix, hamburger served together as an entree.

    Potato Smiles: Fun mashed potato shapes baked in the oven.

    Raspberry Sidekick: 100% frozen juice, flavored with raspberry and lemon served frozen in a cup.

    Monte Cristo Sandwich: Baked French toast, Swiss cheese, and ham served as a toasted sandwich.

    Chicken Broccoli Bowl: Spaghetti noodles, Korean barbeque flavored popcorn chicken, and steamed broccoli served in layers in a bowl.

    State Capitol Cookies: Graham cracker flavored cookies with State Capitals stamped on them. 

    Sun Butter: Smooth blended sunflower seed butter, a great peanut-free alternative to peanut butter

    Strawberry Sidekick: 100% frozen juice flavored with strawberry, served frozen in a cup.

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