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     School Year Resolutions


    Another exciting sports season and school year is upon us.  Each new school year feels a little like New Year's Eve for me.  I always take some time over the summer to reflect on the past year and set "resolutions" for the new term in an attempt to be a better AD.  Some resolutions for me this school year are to be a better listener, let people know more often how much I appreciate them, and to make time for eating right and exercise.  Unfortunately, resolutions always look good on paper but success in sticking to your commitments relies on staying the course when adversity hits you square in the face.  Which, by the way, it ALWAYS does.  It will for me and it will for you.  How we deal with it defines us.

    My hope is that everyone associated with Smith-Cotton Activities Department is committing to their own resolutions.  Most of the coaches and sponsors I have talked with over the summer have recommitted to being positive role models for our students.  Many are continuing their education and focusing on becoming experts in their craft through courses, clinics, and seminars.  Our coaches and sponsors are preparing to give their best personal effort and I can assure you no one should question their dedication.

    Our athletes and performers should also set resolutions to try to have their best year ever.  Now is the time for them to commit to working hard, accepting their role, and to being a good teammate.  Not just when things are going well, but when adversity inevitably strikes.  Can you work hard at practice even when you were up late the night before studying for a test?  Can you accept your role even when you are not getting the playing time you had hoped?  Can you be a good teammate to everyone even as the team goes through the inevitable highs and lows of a season?

    Parents should resolve to support not just their child but all participants and coaches.  To help create a fun, wholesome experience for all involved, parents should commit to keeping all comments positive at games and practices or choose to say nothing at all.  Finally, parents should resolve to tell their child at least one of these three things after each game regardless of outcome or playing time; "I love you." "I'm proud of you." "I love to watch you play."  Trust me, that is really all they want or need to hear from you after a game or performance.

    I hope each of you have an enjoyable school year and have the conviction to stick to your resolutions.


    100% Cotton

    Rob Davis, CAA

    Smith-Cotton High School