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    Rob Davis, CAA


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    "You Stink!"

    "You're horrible!"

    "That's terrible!"

    "Are you blind?"


    Where in our society is it ever appropriate to say these things to another human being?  I would like to think that most rational people would say that it is never appropriate to address someone in this manner.  Sadly, though, these are things all of us have heard coming from adult spectators at high school and junior high athletic contests.  I get it, games can get emotional...but we as adults have to set the example for our kids.

    Officials do a thankless job for very little money.  Most of them do it because they are former players or coaches and just love the game and feel the pull of the sport to give something back.  Contrary to what some folks think, they really have no interest in who wins or loses a game.  I have been an athletic director for 20 years, have seen many games and I can tell you this; I have never seen an official purposely miss a call or cause a team to lose a game.  99% of the time officials out there are doing their absolute best; night in and night out, and are giving everything they have to the game.  I wish my percentage of effort and focus was as high within my job.  I bet that if you were being honest with yourself, you would be proud of that output as well.

    One of the most important benefits we hope our athletes garner through participation in our programs is the ability to overcome adversity.  We will disagree with official's calls at times.  The ball will sometimes bounce the wrong way and everyone is going to make mistakes, this includes the AD, the coaches and players, and the officials.  How are we going to react?  Are we going to provide a positive model for our kids and help teach them how to fight through it when things are not going our way?  Are we going to teach our kids how to adjust to the strike zone, how fouls are called, and learn to overcome when it seems like every call is going against us?  It is a hard thing for some of us to do but if you join us in setting the example, our kids will learn respect for authority, how to adapt in difficult situations, and will become more mentally tough.  Those all three skills when learned, can lead to a whole lot of success in the future.


    Good luck to all Tigers out there!  I am looking forward to a great year!

    Rob Davis, CAA