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     Mrs. Renfrow, SMS and SCEA are proud to award you with Sedalia Middle School Educator of the Year 2020-2021.



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    Mrs. Renfrow goes above and beyond to make her students feel loved and welcomed. Some of her students and their parents have told staff members that before this year, they didn't like coming to school. Now, they are excited and want to come to school and a huge part of that is because of Mrs. Renfrow. She makes lessons fun and hands-on so kids are engaged. She makes a special point to go watch her students' soccer games on the weekends and sits with the parents to build relationships with them, outside of the school setting. She puts a lot of effort and energy into her teaching and relationship building and always a lot of enthusiasm.


    Bell Ringer Award for January 

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         The nominator for Wilson wrote: “Kelsey works hard to meet the needs of all of her students and is never afraid to try something new when she thinks it could benefit her kids. Kelsey takes the time to think about changes from every angle and is careful to weigh the benefits of a change before making a decision. She keeps a calm, even, and positive attitude in the classroom and when in meetings. Kelsey is a quiet leader who leads by example. She follows through on her actions, is meticulous in her planning, and is unafraid to ask questions or ask for help when she needs it."           

     Triplett said, “Raising awareness to the outstanding work of staff members like Ms. Wilson is what the Bell Ringer is all about. She is dedicated to her students and their academic and social growth. We are fortunate to have Ms. Wilson working on behalf of Sedalia 200 students and their families.”
















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