• SW-PBS:  School Wide Postive Behavior Support

     PBS at SMS


    What we know and believe:

    • Schools have the responsibility to provide an education to students in safe and predictable environments.
    • Behavior is Learned.
    • Students Do Not Learn Through the Sole Use of “Get Tough”, “Aversive” Consequences.

    What we should do:

    •Teach Social Skills Directly

    •Give Positive Feedback About What They are Doing Correctly or Appropriately.

    SMS PBS Reward System

    Tiger Tokens

     Why are we giving Tiger Tokens?

     We are giving Tiger Tokens to increase student use of safe, respectful, responsible, and learner behaviors. Our goal is to focus on positive interactions between students and staff.  This will also help everyone to be more positive. 

     Why are Tiger Tokens given?

     These tokens/tickets are given daily to students who are exhibiting one of the four Tiger Stripes (Safe, Respectful, Responsible, a Learner). Any student can earn tokens anywhere in the building. 

     Who can give Tiger Tokens?

     All staff will be given Tiger Tokens to give to any student who is being Safe, Respectful, Responsible, or a Learner.

     What will happen with the Tiger Tokens?

     Each month students will be able to cash in their tokens or bank their tokens in their Academic Focus classroom. If students choose to cash in their tokens, they can go to the Tiger Den to redeem a prize(s). The Tiger Den will be located in the office. When students bank their tokens, they can “save” them to put towards a higher level prize and redeem at a later date.

     Pride Cards

    What are Pride Cards & why are they given?

    Black Card:

    • A student can earn this card by having 92% Attendance, B Honor Roll, no office referrals, and no Fs.
    • A student with this card can participate in Academic Focus Pride Time.  

    Gold Card:

    • A student can earn this card by having 96% Attendance, A Honor Roll, no office referrals, and no Fs.
    • This is the ultimate privilege card at SMS. This includes Academic Focus Pride Time, special lunch privileges (Dinner and a Movie, outdoor seating), Library/Office worker, etc.

     Who can give Pride Cards?

    Pride Cards are given by the students’ team of teachers.

     How often can a student earn a Pride Card?

    Pride Cards will be determined quarterly. Students will keep the Pride Card for the entire quarter, if they continue to meet the requirements. Students are responsible for keeping the card the entire time. These cards will be their admittance to privilege time. These cards can be revoked!








     Sedalia Middle School:

     In order to create a system wide "common" set of expectations, SMS will be implementing "School Wide - Positive Behavior Support"; the goal is to create a climate of cooperation, academic excellence, respect and safety.

    The identified expectations include:

     1. Be Respectful

    2. Be Responsible

    3. Be Safe

    4. Be a Learner


     SMS PBS Team

    SMS Earns Gold Recognition for PBS 

    Sedalia Middle School has been recognized with Gold-level status for Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support.

    SMS is one of 149 Missouri public and charter schools recognized over the summer for exemplary implementation of SW-PBS, “an evidence based, proactive approach to teaching and reinforcing behavioral expectations in order to improve student behavior, maximize instructional time, and increase student engagement,” according to a news release from the state PBS program.