S-C Cheerleading Videos


    Karmen Butler--SCHS Football Cheerleading Coach

    Coach Butler


    Carrie Martin--SCHS Basketball Cheerleading Coach 

     Coach Martin

    About Us

    Smith-Cotton Cheer consists of a Varsity Football squad, a JV Football squad, a JV Basketball squad, and a Varsity Basketball squad.  Competitive cheer will be determined at a later date. 



    The objective of the Smith-Cotton High School cheerleading squad is to effectively execute a school spirit program that supports the athletic teams and promotes the school itself. Cheerleaders will serve as positive role models and leaders for SCHS and should promote sportsmanship within our school and among other schools. The highest priority should be to display and encourage spirit and pride for SCHS.



    Tryouts for the Fall season occur between March and April.  Tryouts for Winter season occur between October and November.  We are a co-ed team, so guys are encouraged to tryout as well.