The Sedalia 200 Orchestra Program

  • The Orchestra program in the Sedalia 200 district includes: 


    A Brief Description of each Orchestra:

    Smith-Cotton Junior High School

    Beginning Orchestra is a class for any 6th, 7th or 8th grader who has little to no experience playing a stringed instrument or reading music.  The Beginning Orchestra class uses String Basics, Book 1, which students are to purchase and write their names on the inside cover.  The pace of this class is slightly faster than the 5th grade class, so we will work through Book 1 and into String Basics Book 2, and also begin to incorporate Grade 1 and 1.5 sheet music.

    String Basics Book 1


    The Intermediate Orchestra picks up where they left off at the end of 5th Grade.  The students will use String Basics, Book 1 as well as String Basics, Book 2.  Building from the skills acquired in Beginning Orchestra, Grade 1 and 1.5 sheet music is incorporated into the curriculum.

    String Basics Book 1            String Basics * Book 2  


    The 7th Grade Orchestra will use String Basics, Books 2 and eventually Book 3 for continuing to add skills and techniques needed to play even more advanced music.  7th Grade Orchestra will play sheet music at grade levels 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0.

    String Basics * Book 2        StringBasicsBook3



    8th Grade Orchestra will use String Basics, Book 3.  This book is an extension of the String Basics series that is widely used for beginners.  String Basics, Book 3 will have students exploring upper positions on the instruments, playing in new territory and expanding their knowledge of their instrument as well as expanding their ability to read and play musical notation. Of course, the students will also work (primarily) repertoire, putting together challenging pieces of music over the course of several weeks.


    Smith-Cotton High School

    The Smith Cotton String Orchestra is an ensemble consisting violin, viola, cello, and bass, and occasional piano, guitar, electric bass, and/or percussion instruments.  The focus of the String Orchestra is to build on each musician's skill level via daily rehearsals and daily individual practicing during non-school hours (which is equally, or more important than class time).  The ensemble will rehearse and perform music from a variety of styles, or genres, including, but not limited to:  Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Indian, and Latin music.