•  A conservative mindset and respect for taxpayer dollars are the foundation for Sedalia School District 200’s finances.

    The stated goals are for the budget to be balanced, to maintain operating balance reserves at a minimum of 15 percent and to base financial planning on the best educational practices and safety. The budget is divided into four separate funds, although only three of them are currently in use. Fund 1 is for daily operating expenses, Fund 2 covers teacher wages and Fund 4 is for capital projects; Fund 3 is reserved for general obligation bonds, but Sedalia 200 has not sold general obligation bonds for levy or construction purposes since the 1980s. The District has been able to take advantage of multiple re-funding opportunities on our Fund 4 long-term debt obligations, and have saved the taxpayers more than $1 million dollars in interest rates for the length of the debt load, as well as shortening some of the terms.

    An examination of the Sedalia 200 budget expenditures shows expenditures for capital projects at 15 percent, general administration services are 6%, plant operations are 10%, and the remaining balance of 69 percent goes to student support, including teacher salaries, books and supplies, special education, Federal Title programs, etc.

    District revenues come from four sources. The District receives 42 percent of funding from local sources, 2 percent from county funding, 46 percent from state funding, and 10 percent from federal funding.

    The district is constantly forecasting to be better prepared for its future. It is engaged in proactive planning to address student needs, including additional staffing, building renovation or expansion, and other elements that will help better prepare students in Sedalia for a lifetime of success.

    Dr. Todd Fraley
    Assistant Superintendent of Finance