Sedalia MSTA

About Sedalia MSTA

  • Sedalia MSTA logoThe Missouri State Teachers Association is a grassroots independent professional organization committed to educating the state's children by protecting, supporting, and educating over 40,000 Missouri educators for more than 165 years. Sedalia MSTA is proud to be directly affiliated with the Sedalia Community Educators’ Association (SCEA). All school personnel can join (whether certified or uncertified staff) and receive benefits such as liability insurance, legal services, exclusive discounts, professional development opportunities, and more. Join us today to network with fellow educators and help build the future of Sedalia 200.  

How to Join

    • Joining MSTA is fast, flexible, and secure. Navigate to Once there, create an account if you are a first-time member or login if you are returning. Contact us for help if needed. This will allow you to pay MSTA dues the same way you pay other bills. Choose between credit, debit, and ACH payment options. Best of all? You can control when payments are due. Select monthly payments or a single, one-time payment. Now you will have all-year access to MSTA’s services and benefits. If you have questions or need help, please call 800-392-0532. Our member care representatives will be happy to walk you through the join online process.

      Sedalia’s Member Service Coordinator, Mike Martin, looks forward to connecting with you. 

      • CLICK HERE to learn more about MSTA and explore benefits, resources, and more.