• Tryouts for the 2019-2020 school year were held 

    March 11-14

    SCHS Aux. Gym


    Check back in Feb 2020 for next season's tryout information!


    Dancers grades 8-11 are eligible to try out for the upcoming school year.

    Before being allowed to participate in tryout clinics, dancers must have a current physical complete with proof of basic accident insurance and must fill out the online application/tryout clinic registration.  


    **Example tryout brochure with details--click below!**

    Brochures available in the front offices at SCJHS and SCHS about a month before tryouts

    tryout brochure 2019-2020

    **Online application/tryout clinic registration--click dancer below!**

    tryout application


    Physicals must be dated after February 1st of the previous year to be valid.  Check with the S-C Athletic office before tryout week if you need insurance coverage.  

    If you need a physical form, they can be found on the SCHS Athletics homepage-click on the tiger below!

     Athletics/Activities webpage


    Recommended skills include single/double pirouettes, split leaps (also called straight leaps or jetés in ballet), and splits. 

    Our Dance technique page has some video links with helpful reminders and breakdown of these skills.

    Tryout routine is around twelve to sixteen 8 counts (roughly 45-60 seconds) of intermediate level choreography. 

    The last two 8 counts of the music is for dancers to choreograph themselves, showing off technical skills and flexibility.  Dancers who want to prepare ahead of time can come to tryout clinics with your two 8 counts already prepared--just choreograph something that can fit most any pop song!




    Translators for this information, if needed:

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