• Pennies for Patients

    1. Pennies for Patients kick-off assembly - we will plan to kick off our campaign on Tuesday, Feb. 7 th

    following the Scott Joplin Assembly (which begins at 7:20) in the gymnasium. We will have a short

    presentation explaining the process as well as watching an informational video. Will we receive the

    paper banks again this year and plan to hand those out at the conclusion of the assembly to be a

    visual reminder.

    2. The campaign will run from Feb. 7 th - 17th. We will have a final collection day on Wednesday, 2/22

    for those who forgot it on Friday.

    3. We will have Academic Focus Class and Team competitions on who can raise the most money!

    Rewards will be given!


    5. Fundraiser Events:

    a. The first week we will sell Suckers/$0.25 each  (teachers set the expectations if

    suckers can be consumed in your individual classrooms) We will sell suckers throughout the

    campaign or until we run out.

    b. The second week we will sell Popsicles/$.50 each (sold/eaten during lunch shifts) [2

    students (Ambassadors) from each team will sell to their team lunch shift, and then they

    will stay after to eat their lunch before returning to class.] We will sell popsicles all week

    or until we run out.

    c. On Thurs 2/9 - Doughnuts/$1.00 each sold and consumed during AF. I will purchase 1

    doz. per AF classroom, so if you think they will need more, please let me know. We just

    don’t want to over order b/c nobody like day old doughnuts. If you sell out ask a

    neighboring teacher or call the front office. Turn in “unsold” doughnuts to Front Office as

    well so they can be sold in a different classroom.

    d. On Thurs. 2/16 – Pizza Slice/$2.00 PRE-SALES REQUIRED. Please make pre-sales

    Monday – Wednesday and then email Phelessia you AF Class orders (Little Caesar’s:

    pepperoni, sausage, or cheese). Students will come to the front lobby during their lunch

    shift to pick up their slice(s) of pizza. 

    e. On Friday 2/17 – Hat Day / $1.00 (students will receive a sticker to wear denoting they

    have paid in AF). JEANS DAY FOR STAFF/$5.00 or more (give to FO secretaries).

    f. Every day in AF – for every $5.00 donated, students will receive a paper penny/blood

    drops/lips to sign their name on them prior to hanging them up in the hallway.

    g. Date TBD for Pass Out of Class - $3.00 each – Students can buy a pass to get out of

    class to have a dance and game like stations throughout they elective wing.

    h. New online giving link to be disseminated via social media – we could send home a slip of

    paper and then it would be up to the individual students to forward the information on to

    their family/friends.

    6. We will reuse last year’s template for you to insert daily totals (which then is formulated to

    provide a running total). Please email that template to the front office by 2:00 each day so that

    we can make an announcement prior to school being dismissed to drive that competitive spirit to

    new heights!

    7. DO NOT LEAVE MONEY IN YOUR ROOM. Put it in the TEAM JUG in the front display case

    AFTER you have counted it and update EXCEL spreadsheet for your daily totals.


    Pennies for Patients Campaign                   

    • Competitions - The class & team that collects the most money WINS!
      • Academic Focus (Dairy Queen Ice Cream)
      • Team (RECESS on a warm spring day)
    • Pass Out of Class - $3.00 donation (students will receive a pass out of class) their choice of activity (open gym, just dance, art activities, bingo) date to be determined.
    • Daily collections - money donated from community members. Every day in AF – for every $5.00 collected, students will receive paper pennies/blood drop/lips where students signs their name on them prior to hanging them up in the hallways. Money for any bonus item does not count - pure donations will count! For example if a student buys $5.00 worth of suckers he gets suckers, not paper pennies/blood drops.

    Last year’s collection  = $3859.73

    This year’s goal = $3,900.00

    “Light the way. Find a Cure.”

    2/7/16 – 2/17/16

    Daily Fundraising Events

    Tues. 2/7: Suckers - $.25    (AF)

    Wed. 2/8: Suckers - $.25    (AF)

    Thurs. 2/9:   Suckers - $.25    (AF)

    Doughnuts - $1.00    (AF)

    (1 doz./AF class - if you need more see neighboring teacher)

    Fri. 2/10: Suckers - $.25    (AF)

    (Pre-Pay/Order Pizza in AF - Pepperoni, Cheese, or Sausage)

    Mon. 2/13: Popsicles - $.50    (Lunch)

    Tues. 2/14: Popsicles - $.50    (Lunch)

    Wed. 2/15: Popsicles - $.50    (Lunch)

    Email Phelessia Pizza Slice orders before noon

    Thurs. 2/16: Popsicles - $.50    (Lunch)

    Pizza by the slice - $2.00    (Lunch)

    Fri. 2/17: Popsicles - $.50    (Lunch)

    Hat Day - $1.00 (students will receive a sticker to denote they have paid –  managed in AF)

    Jeans Day - $5.00 (staff turn in donation to Mrs. Hayworth in the front office)