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Students works on display at art show

The Smith-Cotton Art Department will be showcasing their pieces from this year at the S-C Art Show. 

Art teacher Josh Heimsoth said it is important for students to show how their art has developed the past school year. Heimsoth added that there are around 1,000 projects entered in the Art Show, all created by art students at S-C. 

Sophomore Will Vasquez is excited to show his art because it is a way for him to express his thoughts and feelings. Freshman Kiana Benfield-Boik agreed, although she is not used to sharing all of her artwork. 

“I’m usually a personal person when it comes to my art, but sometimes I make things that I’m really proud of that I want to show to people,” said Benfield-Boik. 

Heimsoth said that the Art Show is a great way to recognize students who don’t often get the spotlight. 

“We’re not as visible on a daily basis such as basketball or show choir, but we make impressive stuff at the high school level,” he said. “We have something that’s worth looking at.”             

The S-C Art Show will be from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on May 6 in the auxiliary gym. 


By Natalie Adermann