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Senior Profile: Johnathon Schlobohm

Johnathon Schlobohm

Senior Johnathon Schlobohm has begun the majority of his days at Smith-Cotton by fist bumping Principal Wade Norton. 

It started during Schlobohm’s freshman year. Coming into the high school he was hesitant because it was a bigger building with more kids than he was used to in previous buildings. Schlobohm said that going to the same class room everyday helped calm his nerves. 

Fist bumps with Norton started as a way to make Schlobohm feel welcome in the building and they continued as part of his daily routine. “ I look forward to it,” said Schlobohm. 

“We wanted him to know that this was a safe place for him, where he could learn and grow,” said Norton. He explained that it started as a way to check in with Schlobohm and it has now evolved to Schlobohm checking in with them. 

Schlobohm is a shy kid, however, he is very curious about how different things within the building work, including the door and bell systems. Norton said Schlobohm always has a desire to know more. 

During his free time Schlobohm enjoys working on his dad’s Mustang alongside him. When he thinks of graduation he is excited about one thing in particular. “I'm excited to drive that Mustang,” said Schlohohm. 

Life skills teacher Pam Reimund describes Schlobohm as a shy and quiet kid. However he has been helpful in her classroom. He is also a happy face within her day. She has watched Schlobohm grow and evolve over the past four years. 

“He used to struggle with coming to school and doing corrections on his work, but now willingly does corrections and seems to enjoy coming to school,” said Reimund.

They have also seen Schlobohm’s maturity grow through his time at S-C. Reimund hopes that moving forward, Schlobohm remembers change can be a positive thing. 

“I hope he has learned that while change can be scary before it happens, most of the time he has liked those changes after adjusting to the newness,” said Reimund. “Being flexible can make life easier.”

Norton hopes that Schlobohm takes away the idea of family from Smith-Cotton.

“Even though we might not be official family, he has an unofficial adoptive family here at Smith-Cotton,” Norton said.