• Below is a List Of Mobile Applications To Help Study For The ACT:

    • Khan Academy:
      • Khan Academy is a free application that allows you to link your PSAT and relearn your weaknesses in an intuitive, easy manner with proven results whether you study fifteen minutes a day or five hours a day. Given that it is available on the App Store and Google Play and is free, it is a no-brainer to download. 
    • Daily Practice for the New SAT
      • This application allows you to take practice questions on the SAT in a matter of only a few minutes. While one may say that it is meant for the SAT only, the questions are very similar to those on the ACT. The application is available on both the App Store and Google Play. 


    What is Recommended?

    Make sure to review Pre/Algebra 1 subjects. While there are some trigonometry and complex algebra problems, the majority of the math section tests you on your basic algebra knowledge. Also, be sure to study up on the basic shapes and formulas for Geometry. While the Math section of the ACT is typically the lowest-scored section, practice subjects that you have already learned, instead of attempting to learn new material.

    It is recommended to know multiplication tables up to 25 and to have proficiency in Algebraic functions and Geometry. The ability to do math without a calculator is helpful, but not necessary. Understanding the selection of answers will also allow you to quickly and easily discern answers from the imposters. 

    A majority of questions on the English portion are about punctuation and grammar, so use practice tests to review and understand these topics. 

    When taking the Reading test, make sure to read strategically. This means looking at the given questions first and then scanning the passage for the answers. Take a few practice tests to build your skills to scan the passages faster during the test. 

    In the Science section, strategic reading is just as important as it is in Reading. Take multiple practice tests to get yourself familiar with different kinds of graphs and charts, and take the important information from the chart to answer the questions. Don't get caught up in the scientific names of what's in the question. Most of the time, it's only there to mix you up and waste your test time.