• The raider team had a good day today, competing in the 16th annual Pioneer Raider meeting. Please see the results below and I hope you all enjoy the results and pictures. More will be added over time.
    SCHS JROTC Raider Competition Results:
    5K Run: 2nd Place Mixed Team
    Physical Team Test: 4th Place Mixed Team
    Psycho: 1ST Place Mixed Team
    Cross Country Rescue:: 1st Place Male Team & 3rd Place Mixed Team
    Gauntlet: 3rd Place Mixed Team
    100-yard Tire Flip: 5th Place Male Team
    Rope Bridge: 5th Place Mixed Team
    Obstacle Course: 3rd Place Male Team
    Ultimate Raider Male: 4th Place Senior Draiven Short
    Ultimate Raider Female: 3rd Place Freshmen Josephine Spradling