Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I gain from joining JROTC?

    • Respect from adults, teachers, and peers.
    • Skills and values that will propel you on the pathway to success.
    • Friendships based not on status, but on one's true self.
    • A place for help with academics - a major focus of JROTC.
    • Instructors who genuinely care about you and will do anything to help you have a successful high school career.  


    How much does it cost to join JROTC?

    • JROTC has only one cost: to maintain and dry-clean your uniform. Everything else is provided free of charge by the government. 


    Do I have to cut my hair?

    • Hairstyles must be kept within regulation. In other words, boys' hair must not touch their ears and no longer than two inches on top. Girls' hair may not touch the bottom of the collar when pulled into a sock bun or pinned back, except hair may be worn in the style of a ponytail in OCPs during Raiders practice. All hair colors must be a natural color and highlights of natural tones are now authorized within regulation. 


    Am I obligated to join the Army?

    • We DO NOT recruit for the military. You have no pressure or obligation to join. 


    Do I have to wear a uniform every day?

    • Cadets wear their uniforms on specified days, usually once a week. 


    What if I have been in trouble?

    • When you join JROTC, you start with a clean slate. We will work with you to improve citizenship.


    Are Teams Mandatory?

    • No, being a part of our extracurricular teams are not mandatory. JROTC is an elective class for those who want to improve their leadership abilities. It is not a requirement to join our teams to be enrolled.