Color Guard Information

  •     Smith-Cotton JROTC has four rotating 4 cadet teams that act as our Smith Cotton Tiger Batallion Colorguard. The Smith-Cotton JROTC Color Guard competes alongside the Drill team at competitions and also has Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida. Color Guard consists of marching, presenting colors, and posting the colors. They perform in all parades, competitions, and present the colors at local SC football games. The team practices Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 AM. 

Unarmed Color Guard

  • Barkefelt, F.

    Cinta, L.

    Diaz, S.

    DeGraff, M.

    Hall, L. 

    Martin, M.

    Miner, M.

    Lopez, A.

    Lorenzo, L.


Armed Color Guard

  • Bogart, Z.

    Brines, S.

    Gardner, T.

    Gonzalez, D.

    Gonzalez, P.

    Kruse, M.

    May, J.

    McGinnis, C.

    Morelos, V.

    Nandho, E.

    Newkirk, N.

    Wolfe, K.